Give Your Lawn the Proper Nutrients

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Mowing and watering your grass isn't always enough to keep it looking healthy. If your soil lacks the right nutrients, your lawn will wither away, no matter how much you tend to it. 3N Lawncare & Landscape, LLC understands the importance of getting your soil composition right. We offer shrub, tree and lawn fertilization services in Grape Creek, Wall & San Angelo, TX and the surrounding area. You can trust our dedicated crew to make sure your lawn gets the nutrients it needs to stay lush and green.

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Do you really need to fertilize your lawn?

As the years pass, your grass absorbs nutrients out of the soil. Without other plants or enough grass clippings around to replenish them, those nutrients will eventually run out. Fertilization can put those nutrients back into your soil.

Still on the fence about fertilizing your lawn in the Grape Creek, Wall & San Angelo, TX area? You should fertilize your lawn if:


  • Your grass is turning yellow or yellow-green
  • You find fungus growing on your lawn
  • Your grass looks reddish or has grown rust-colored bumps




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